Thai Massage: The 3 Perfect Types for the Best Relaxation

Thai Massage is one of the most famous massages in the world. The traditional massage is aiming to either relax muscles allowing better blood circulation or even cure some illnesses with proper medications. Here we would like to describe famous choices of massages that most of Thai massage places provide:

1. Thai Body Massage - mainly aim for relaxing both physically and mentally. Moreover, it is said that this type of massage can relieve some of the office syndrome, which makes it suitable for hard working office people. However, it is important to let the masseur knows about your health conditions before enjoying the message. This normally take at least 1 hour.

2. Thai Foot Massage - It is believed that most of the nerves of human being can be accessed from the foot. Therefore, the foot massage can not only make you relax and clean your feet but also help improve your health, make you sleep well at night and cure some illnesses. Again, it is important to let the masseur know about your health conditions before the massage can be performed. This normally take at least 30 minutes.

3. Thai Aroma Message - normally lighter than the body one. Instead it is the oil that will do the job of relaxing. Each type of oil is for different purposes. Lavender oil is for peace and relax mainly for deep sleep. Eucalyptus on the other hand is for easy breathing refreshing the body. Flowers make your lively and fresh. This normally end by head massage, which will take all stress out of your hard day. The quality of the oil is what matter so pick your spa carefully. Again don’t forget to tell your masseur about your health conditions. This normally take at least 1 hour.

Pai Sukhothai has all these massages. You are more than welcome to try!!

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