Sukhothai Traditional and Local Food, a Feast of Taste

Thailand is famous for having various types of food from North to South, becoming a heaven for travelers who search for exceptional food. Sukhothai is one of the provinces with fantastic food and desserts. Today we would like to introduce 3 of them

1. Khao Perb - the name may sound strange but this is one of the most famous local food of Sukhothai. The food is originated from si satchanalai district of the province. The food is made of a thin layer of flour cook on the top of a pot. This step requires quite a skill. Then put lots of vegetable, minced pork, soup and top up with fried egg, garlic and coriander. Traveller should not miss this special food.

2, Sukhorhai Noodle - This dish is well-known among Thai people all over the country. The dish contains rice noodle, fish balls, long bean, minced pork, lime juice cook with or without soup. Most of thai people will put chili to make it more spicy. It is worth trying.

3. Khanom Dak Nga - Khanom means snack in Thai. This snack contains sticky rice, sesame, peanuts, salt, sugar and coconut. In the past, the snack is famous among local workers. This snack is available in the old city part of Sukhothai.

There are still many types of food available in Sukhothai. Travel to Sukhothai is no longer just an investigation through the historic town.

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